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Ravenwolf's Story

This is a rather odd story. The author of this story doesn't know for sure if his experience was alien related or if it was involving a government experiment. It's definitly worth a read though.

Click the link below to check out Ravenwolf's views on resisting abduction.
How to resist abduction


One night in mid May 2001 I was riding my bike home from the beach on a remote island in Alaska. The distance was approximately a mile and a half, normally a 10 minute ride. An airport is ajacent the road between the beach and where I lived.

There is a hill before the airport. The crest of the hill is approx. 750 - 1000 feet from the terminal. When I reached the crest of the hill I suddenly found myself back at the bottom, literally in the "Blink of an eye" - "Wow! What was THAT?!" I exclaimed, "Did I just translocate?, cool."

I rode up the hill a second time. I saw the airport over the rise. Again in a split second I "blinked" back to the bottom of the hill. And again. And again. Each time I would make it almost to the airport, or even a little past it, but I would be teleported back anywhere from 500 to 1000 feet from where I just had come from!

This happened anywhere from 15 to 20 times. At first it was cool, then it got old real quick. Then it got downright scary. I was only trying to ride home. I couldn't seem to get there!

I began checking landmarks - trees, telephone poles, rocks and trash on the side of the road. I verified my position, only to be "beamed" backwards in a microsecond. Then I ended up passing those same landmarks over and over. It got very tiring riding up that hill again and again!

Finally I made it past the airport and could see the blue and white lighted movie sign. It was about 100 yards away. Then I looked and it was about 1000 feet away, and there I was back by the airport again. By this time I was yelling at "God" and crying. I was 39 years old and NEVER had something like this happened. I'd had two prior Alien experiences, one a sighting, the other psychic, but nothing where my physical body was teleported over distance.

I finally made it past the sign, about 1000 feet on the other side of the airport. I rode home, shaking, and shaken. I had left the beach at approximately 11:45 - 11:50 pm. My clock at home said 1:20 am! I checked my other clock. 1:15 am.(One clock was a little slow) It had taken me one and a half hours to make what was normally a 10 minute ride.

The time verified the distance I would have ridden having been teleported back those 15 to 20 times, 500 to 1000 feet, maybe further the first couple of times. It would account for a distance of up to over 6 miles if you include the actual distance from beach to home.

I had never turned around. Always had my bearings in what direction I was going. I stopped only when a teleportation occoured and I found myself back where I just came from, and I stopped at the top of the hill and by the airport to verify landmarks. But during my riding forward I was somehow interdimensionally transported many times.

The fact this did not just happen once, but numerous times, proves it was not hallucination. The fact I verified landmarks, and physically passed the same places over and over prove something was happening. The fact 90 minutes passed when the ride should have taken 10 verifies the distance I had to re- travel my route over and over again.


Experiment? UFO? I don't know. All I know is it happened. It reminded me of Dr. McCoy on Star Trek, always complaining to Scotty about his molecules being scattered all over in the transporter beam. This is serious. I am not making this up. I believe I was caught unawares in a vortex of energy being produced by an experiment, possibly Alien technology, or a UFO itself. The night was dark and overcast, but relatively clear. I looked in the sky but saw nothing there. What REALLY was the cause of this event?