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Robert Mealer's Story
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While I was doing some research online, my electric went out. I was a little perturbed because I wasn't sure where my fuses were. I started to get up anyhow, but I couldn't move. I was trying so hard, but could do nothing except sit there. Then I heard a voice telling me to stop trying to move because it was useless; and I was just scaring myself. I quit trying to move and tried to calm myself. Then I thought of my girlfriend and my son sleeping in the room. I decided I needed to take control of the situation if I could. I pleaded with them to only take me. They said not to worry, their beam was so precise it would only touch me. I felt a little relieved. I asked them why they just didn't land so I could walk aboard their craft. They said they had to remain up in the clouds to prevent being seen. I became suspicious; I asked them to identify themselves but they changed the subject by telling me that my lungs were in bad shape from smoking. I said well, if you can beam me up through my ceiling you ought to be able to remove the particles from my lungs. They said they could, but said it would be a waste of time because I would continue to smoke anyway. I told them I wouldn't but they kind of laughed as if they could see into my future. They said they would do it anyway though so I could see the process; and feel a little easier about being teleported. I was excited about having clean lungs again. They proceeded to remove the particles as I watched them swirl up the beam. I was really excited with amazement and ready to go with them as long as I would be back before my girlfriend noticed me gone. They seemed to laugh again as if time had no meaning. I laughed too, feeling kind of stupid about my lack of knowledge. I was ready! I thought of how cool it was going be flying in a ufo; able to be gone for days, but back in minutes. I said lets go, and they began to beam me up slowly. I could feel myself swirling up the beam while watching myself from below. It was like being on a merry go round spinning, while also watching myself on the merry go round from a distance. I felt like twinkling dust in space. I thought this is awesome; then I realized that they weren't letting me out on the other side. I asked them why, but they just turned up the current taking me faster. It then felt as if my soul were being ripped in half ! I told them I no longer wanted to go, but they just ignored me. I prayed to god for help me the best I could; then a huge bright white beam intercepted their beam revercing my polarity that slammed me back to where I was, and shooting them to who knows where. I was sitting there shivering when I noticed my electric was back on, and my computer had restarted itself with my screensaver already up. I then knew I had been in the beam for at least seven minutes because that's how long it look for my screensaver to start up. I tried to stand up but I couldn't because my knees hurt too bad. It felt as if some of my matter had been scattered or maybe entangled. It took two days for my knees to quit hurting, and my eyes still tear from the accelerator they used to speed up my particles.