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Lisa's Story
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Sometimes strange things happen whether you want them to or not. Two weeks before Christmas I had some experiences that came visiting my doorstep. A watched feeling that would not go away especially during sleep, and being startled awake at 2-3am, after looking around found no one there. Also experiences of distant flashes of very bright strange light, like a penlight flashing behind my eyes and then the strange dreams would start with alien type signatures. My own emotions and senses were being turned against me and were plagued with headaches from a nameless being. These attacks continued until Dec 25 at 2:30 AM where I was startled awake and I saw a human type alien, only his head and shoulders were showing, and a camera floating 2-3  feet above me half out of phase ( see through). They were physically hovering but phased, in real form. First the camera made its appearance and then the human/alien who was in a grayish blue technical uniform. He watched me for 20-30 seconds as I stared at him frightened and then he slowly faded away.

A couple days later, I felt that dark presence feeling, someone watching and then was stuck in the back of my leg with what felt like a needle and gave me a poke mark from it. That was the last alien attack I could take and thankfully Ravenwolf offered to help fight these beings. He explained the telepathic mind game from the penlight and the "someone watching" feeling. The dreams, senses and emotional harassment were a kind of mind manipulation from aliens. And as others have reported, they have an ability to move through the walls and the floor. I knew these experiences were alien related from the alien/man's appearance. Neither of us is new to energy raising, and Ravenwolf revealed an ability to protect from these beings by using our combined psychic energies for a greater strength from God, a positive, protective light encircling us like a shield. After all, like he once posted, with more than one in harmony the greater the strength to overcome. Ravenwolf had a couple experiences with this human/alien we named  "newsman" to, sensing him being watched. "Newsman" appeared in a dream before I even knew him and another on New Years Eve when the little being decided to pay Ravenwolf a surprise visit, except the surprise was on "newsman". He banished this being by accessing energy for higher realms of God and commanded it to go to "God" and "newsman" disappeared for good. Ravenwolf suggests that when you banish a being make sure it is to a secure place or it can free itself again. And an important key to defeating a being is to show no fear of it, and to access the energy of the higher realms to resist it.

The following days were peaceful, no more signs of harassment from aliens until Jan 5th. That overwhelming dark cloud feeling of being watch came back throughout the day, following me everywhere for two more days. Sometimes when you banish one being others might come as a stronger force. On Jan 7th I went to bed as usual and closed my eyes to sleep for about 30 mins. I sensed that ominous cloud feeling like something was in the room, and a feeling of more than one "it" was there beside the bed. With the "newsman", I was able to wake myself up and look around with that dark cloud experience, this time I felt drugged and couldn't wake up out of the depths of sleep consciousness. Then again that same pen light behind my eyes and a "voice" calmly said  to go fully into sleep, and that floating feeling experienced earlier came back again. The heaviness of sleep took hold and I fell into darkness. The next morning and after waking up, I found a nosebleed (which came off and on for 4 days) and a nauseous sick feeling. Ravenwolf and I pushed for really strong shield energy from God and prayers. On Jan 8, night came and that weird drugged feeling came back in full force and the floating feeling. Nervous but well protected with higher energies, I kept repeating in my mind "Fear has no hold on me" over and over as a mental affirmation and told it to go away!!!! and accessed extra energy for the shields of shining, warm, bright light only God can give radiating from my heart. And as suddenly as the onset of this attack came, everything vanished, disappeared!!! No more drug feeling or weird floating and the "it" darkness that was well on it's way into my room, it did an about face and left!!! We defeated them!! Instead of them taking me, we took them by surprise! So, yes aliens, and dark beings can be defeated and yes... you can fight! You don't have to give into the fear and being overwhelmed by them. Fight back by using positive shields of light from a higher positive energy source, fearless determination and if all possible an understanding, supportive really good friend. Good Luck with your battles!