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Brian Farrell's Story
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They've been trying to get me for the past week now. I know this because I wake up every night at 12 and can feel a presence. Not to mention the fact that 2 months ago I had my first experience in 8 to 10 years. It was a reptilian. I don't sleep much lately because of it. Anyway two nights ago I was dreaming about an old friends house I used to hang out at. In the middle of this dream 5 - maybe more, blueish type aliens with big black eyes standing about four to five feet tall just swooped in on me in this dream. It's like they broke through the dream. The next thing I know I'm being led down a corridor of some kind with my wife as we are now in this day and age year 2003. We were each led into separate rooms with the back drop of the original dream still looming. I believe this would be called the screen they use. So I find myself completely naked and there's still at least 3 to 5 of them touching me and doing all of this stuff. They had there arms all over me. They were putting things in my head I can't explain. They were trying to get me going. But I know that it was completely a sexual thing going on because all of the sudden they had something around my penis and it just sucked everything right out. Now this is not a nice thing at all. I'm stopping just short of saying it hurt but it deffinitely wasn't nice. After I was done that was pretty much it. I did notice at least three other white males just outside the room in the corridor. They were naked too and they were all acting really strange. Not normal human actions. The next thing I remember doing was going outside the room to look in the other room where my wife was and she was on a table with her legs spread wide open and one of the aliens was working on her "down there." So I called to her and she looked over and saw me and got up from the table. I could see the being wasn't pleased because of this. She hugged me and said make this stop. I said "Some things must be." Now I don't know why the hell I'd say that. I had to have been drugged or under some kind of spell. The next thing I know I woke up and it was exactly 1AM. So I know one hour had passed. I went to the bathroom and I notice my underwear was wet right in the front. We did have lots of power problems that night too. This may or may not be related because it was windy. All I can say now is that they finally got me. I knew it too. I knew they were coming. It will happen again too.