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Welcome to my website:) Ever since me and my Mom watched the ever so long mini-series of "Taken" on Sci-fi in early December, 2002, I've become obsessed with aliens and the paranormal. This site is intended to post abductee's stories for all to read. Also, I will post my theory on who aliens really are, and get some pictures up soon into the future. So sit back and relax and let me take you on a paranormal adventure.

Have you been abducted?
The signs to look for:

Abduction investigators say these symptoms are common to people who have been kidnapped by aliens. But the same symptoms can indicate original problems requiring medical attention.

Missing Time: A memory gap could mean a person has been abducted and was compelled by alien captors to forget the experience.

Confused memory: Victims often struggle to make sence of fragmentary recollections of mysterious lights, strange beings, invasive medical procedures, and other related phenomena.

Irrational terror: A panicky fear is said to overcome abductees whenever they approach a particular location, see a helicopter hovering overhead, or find themselves in other situations with similarities to the repressed trauma. And they may react with anxiety to movies, magazines articles, and books that are related with UFOs and alien encounters.

Nighttime disorders: Abductees may have trouble falling asleep and then doze only lightly. Many dream of spaceships or bizarre creatures with oversized eyes, and some inexplicably wake up at the same moment night after night. In the morning, they feel disoriented and have short spurts of dizziness, numbness, tingling, and paralysis.

Bleeding: Upon waking up, some find blood on their pillows--an aftereffect of the surgical implantation or removal of alien tracking devices in the nose or ears.

Physical damage: Abductees also discover puzzling marks on their bodies--pinpricks, puncture wounds, scrapes, straight-line scars, small craterlike depressions, and bruises that they say are evidence of the physical examinations they went through.

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